Facility Reservation Form

Your request will be reviewed and reply sent within SEVEN days.
Our Cornerstone Staff would like to assist you in the use of our facility. Because of the full schedule we operate on a weekly basis, it is imperative that this form be completed and submitted at least two weeks in advance of your date to the Welcome Center or church office in order to secure a space. Your request will then be reviewed and you will receive a reply within seven (7) days of your request. Once approved, please complete the Advertising & Ticket/Sales/Fundraising Forms, if applicable.

1.) If this is a request for a new support group, prior approval is necessary before turning in this form.
(Forms are located in church office)

2.) We are an alcohol and latex free facility. (No latex balloons.)

3.) No requests available on Sundays, all holidays, Thanksgiving week, the month of December, and the week of Easter.

4.) Our facilities close at 9 PM on weekdays and 7 PM on the weekend. If a later closing time for your event is desired, please contact the office to inquire if special arrangements can be made. Special arrangements may include additional fees. (PLEASE NOTE: Church Ministry Events operating outside regular facility hours and not paying a Custodial Fee are responsible for their own set up and/or tear down and returning the area to its designated layout. Additionally, they must power down any equipment used, clean tables/chairs/floor, empty trash, and tidy the bathrooms, etc. *This option is only applicable for Church Ministry Events.*)

Event Request Info:


Any of the following requests will require the direct involvement of church staff members or of trained workers, and could therefore require a fee. As the level of each need may be different, so would the fee for the accumulative services.

All Audio/Visual fees are listed within the policies and guidelines of the Audio/Visual department. Anything related to sound or media MUST be handled by trained workers and approved by the Cornerstone Production Arts Director.

Any of the following requested personnel may donate their time, but are not obligated to do so. If fees will be required for the following services, the Cornerstone Staff will include the total estimated cost in their reply to your request.

Event Finance Information (Tickets - Sales - Fundraising)

If this event involves selling tickets, sales or raising funds, you must also complete a Event Finance Form two weeks or more, prior to your event. Contact your Campus office.


Your request will be reviewed and reply sent within SEVEN days.