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General Guidelines:

General Guidelines:
• ALL requests for sales/fundraisers MUST COMPLETE THE EVENT FINANCE REQUEST FORM in its entirety and submit it to the Welcome Center or church office. Each request will be reviewed respect to the Sales/Fundraising Policies set by the Leadership Board of Cornerstone Church and the applicant will receive a reply within seven (7) days of the submitted request. All approvals will be granted on a first come, first served basis; as well as frequency of an individual group’s request. (*Visiting ministries/groups in need of a table will be given priority consideration.)

• “Event Finance” is defined as follows:
o Any attempt to raise or collect monetary funds by any means, by a ministry for any cause or purpose. All sales/fundraisers must request permission as stated above (whether for Groups or individuals attending Cornerstone Church, whether on premises or by mail, email, or phone calls to members of the Cornerstone congregation).

• Sales/fundraising events will be permitted for any ministry of Cornerstone Church, but priority will be given to ministries that are not already a line item on our budget.

• No sales/fundraising events are permitted in the Community Room on Sunday mornings. The PLX pavilion area may be used in lieu of this space. No food sales may take place during services.

• The referenced “Lobby Table” is a small table (6’ or less) in the Lobby used for collecting funds or selling of items. (Tickets, t-shirts, etc.)

• Only one sales/fundraising event may use the table in the lobby at a time.
o Items can be displayed/sold from the table.
o The person or group will be required to monitor the table before, between, and after each service. This is the sole responsibility of each group. No sales are to take place during services.

• Approval will not be granted to more than two fundraisers per month, church-wide.

• Each group may not have over three (3) fundraisers annually unless approved by the Staff Executive Team, which may increase the total events to six (6) fundraisers annually.

• There must be a minimum of four (4) weeks between fundraisers for the same person/group.

• Groups are not guaranteed full advertising support for each of their events. (*See the Advertising Policy for complete guidelines.)

• Sales/Fundraisers must be categorized under the umbrella of a ministry and must be kept within the guidelines of that ministry.

PLEASE NOTE: Any exceptions to these guidelines will be permitted only after the approval of the appointed Staff Leaders of Cornerstone Church using the guidelines set forth herein.
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Please Note: Please see the policy (above) for full guidelines. These requests will be processed and scheduled according to the availability of the area requested. If we are unable to reserve the requested date/time, Cornerstone Church will provide you with the best possible alternative to your request, and upon your approval, we will schedule you for the alternative date/time.
Finance Office:

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If purchasing is required you must contact the Finance Office two (2) weeks prior to the purchase need.

All funds must be deposited to the Welcome Center or church office the same day of the event. No funds are permitted to leave the facility. If this is an off-site event, all funds must be turned into the Welcome Center or church office by the following Sunday or next business day. All reimbursements or payments must be made through Cornerstone Church. All funds must be placed in the “Sales/Fundraising” envelope following proper procedure.


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